BlueLibs documentation

BlueLibs Namespace

STM BlueLibs library is designed to provide developers with easy to use and powerful tools for Bluetooth and OBEX development.

The library is written entirely in C# for .NET 1.1 and 2.0 and it includes:

Bluetooth connections management:

* Classes and visual components handling:

* device discovery process

* authentication and paring process

* connection establishment and properties

Bluetooth profiles implementation for:

* Generic OBEX Profile suitable for custom applications or user implmentations of other profiles

* OBEX Object Push Profile

* OBEX File Transfer Profile

* Serial port Profile

* DialUp Networking Profile

AT commands channel

Flexible interface to exchange ATcommands with your device

Full and flexible OBEX stack implementation:

* support for OBEX headers and commands handling

* support for OBEX objects

Visual (Design) components for the most of the functionality, making development extremely simple and productive


OBEX Object Push Profile Client

OBEX File Transfer Profile Client

AT Commands Example

AT Commands based phone book sample

Namespace hierarchy


BTClientConnection Class that implmenets Bluetooth client connection.
BTConnection Class that implements Connection for Buetooth devices
BTUtils Bluetooth related helpers
ServiceUUID class with defintions for all bluetooth registered UUIDs