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BlueLibs.SDP Namespace

Service Discovery protocol namespace

Namespace hierarchy


Class Description
BIPSDPRecord SDP record for basic imaging format
BoolDataElement Boolean data element representation
BtCoD Class of device helper class
DataAltElement Alternative data element object
DataElement Base class for all Data Elements
DataSeqElement Data sequence element
FTPSDPRecord SDP record for FTP Profile
INTDataElement signed integer data element
NULL_DataElement NULL data element representation
OBEXBaseSDPRecord Basic SDP record for OBEX base service
OPPSDPRecord SDP record for Object Push Porfile
SDPAttribute Class that represents SDP attribute. SDP attribute is made of attribute ID and attribute value
SDPRecord Base class for SDP record. Records are used when a service is to be exported
StringDataElement String data element please note that the string IS NOT null terminated
UINTDataElement unsigned integer data element
URLDataElement URL Data element
UUID16DataElement Short (16 bits) UUID data element object
UUIDDataElement Full (128 bits) UUID data element object


Enumeration Description
DataElemtTag Enumeration of valid SDP data element tags. Actually these bytes are type descriptor in upper 5 bit + len descriptor in low 3 bits
SDPAttributeIDs Enumeration of SDP attributes IDs