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BlueLibs.OBEX Namespace

OBEX stack implementation classes namespace

Namespace hierarchy


Class Description
DirParser FTP profile requires the device to return directory listings in XML format. This class is made to parse returned OBEX directory listings into objects
OBEXAppParams OBEX applciation parameters object
OBEXCommand object that encapsulates OBEX command OBEX command is made of: operation code (command code) packet lenght command specific paramters (if any like in connect command for example) command headers if any
OBEXConnectCmd OBEX CONNECT command
OBEXConnectionID connection id header object
OBEXConnectResponse Object that represents reponse to CONNECT command
OBEXContinueResponse response object with OBEX CONTINUE response code
OBEXDescription null terminated unicode text string
OBEXEndBody end of body obex header object
OBEXErrorResponse response object with error code
OBEXFactory class factory used to construct obex elements from raw protocol data
OBEXFileObject OBEX file object instance
OBEXFilePermissions helper class mapping from/to string to file permissions. normally this class is used internally when parsing or generating OBEX FTP profile XML directory listing
OBEXFileUtils helper class for creatinf OBEXFile objects from system file object
OBEXFtpDirItem Base class for directory entry
OBEXFtpFile file item
OBEXFtpFileFolderItem folder item
OBEXFtpFolder folder item
OBEXFtpParentFolder parent folder object
OBEXHeader base class for all OBEX headers
OBEXHeadersContainer This is base class for all headers containers like OBEXCommand and OBEXObject
OBEXLength obex lenght object
OBEXListing OBEX object representing directory listing
OBEXMimeHelper helper class mapping file extensions to mime types
OBEXName OBEX name header object. It is null terminated unicode text string
OBEXObject OBEX object is just a set of headers only important is that it keeps track of max header len
OBEXProtocolUtils Class containg several useful helper methods regarding the OBEX protocol
OBEXResponse Object representing OBEX response
OBEXSetPathCmd SET PATH command object
OBEXSuccessResponse OK response object
OBEXTarget byte sequence that identifies the intended target
OBEXTime unsigned 4 byte integer giving the UTC date/time in seconds since January 1,1970.
OBEXTimeISO byte sequence that gives the object’s UTC date/time in ISO 8601 format. Local times should be represented in the format YYYYMMDDTHHMMSS UTC time in the format YYYYMMDDTHHMMSSZ. The letter “T” delimits the date from the time. UTC time is identified by concatenating a “Z” to the end of the sequence
OBEXType obex type - null terminated ASCII sequence
OBEXXmlUtils helper class that generates obex directory listing xml from directory info object
TLVData OBEX application parameters are series of type, lenght value (TLV) structure used in ApplicationParameters headers. Please note Tag-Length-Value encoding scheme used in OBEX is not the same as ISO


Enumeration Description
OBEXFilePermission obex file permissions
OBEXHeaderType enumeration of obex headers currently supported by BlueLibs
OBEXOpCode enumeration of currentlly implemented OBEX commands
OBEXRespCode enumeration for the OBEX defined resposne codes