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BlueLibs.OBEX.BIP Namespace

OBEX Imaging related classes namespace

Namespace hierarchy


Class Description
ImageObject OBEX image object class
ImgCapabilitiesObject OBEX image capabilites object
ImgXMLCapabilities This object is used to describe device imaging capabilies. It is used to handle xml only. For the OBEX image capabilities object ImgCapabilitiesObject no prifiltering-parameters nor DPOF-options nor prefered-format are supported for now
ImgXMLDescriptor helper class for parsing/generating xml image description
OBEXImgDescriptior not null terminated UTF-8
OBEXImgHandle structure: null terminated, UTF-16 text length prefixed with two-byte unsigned integer simantecs: image handles are 7 character long strings containing only the digits 0 to 9


Structure Description
ImgDescriptor Image desrcition structue
ImgFormat Structure describing image format


Enumeration Description
ImgTransformations Supported image transformations