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BlueLibs.GSM Namespace

Namespace for AT commands related classes in BlueLibs

Namespace hierarchy


Class Description
ATActionCommand AT action command class
ATCommand Base object for all at commands. There are two types of commands: 1)paramters commands ATParamCommand that are used to set or get paramters 2)action commands used to invoke device functionality paramter commands could be tested to determin if they are supported and to get range of supported values. Action commands can be tested if they are supported
ATCompoundResponse This object is used to handle compound responses - when data returned consists of several lists and values.
ATException base class for all AT specific exceptions
ATParamCommand Paramter command object
ATResponse Class that represents AT command response
ATResponseRange this object represents range returned in response. Ranges are made of min and max values only
ATResponseValue class representing value returned in response
ATResponseValuesParser helper class for parsing at responses
CommandTerminator Paramter command for the command line terminatori
DUNConnection Class that handles DialUp netwrok service channel.
EchoCommand Paramter command managing if the device should echo commands received
LineTerminator Paramter command for the line terminatori
NoResponseException This excpetion is used when there was no response from the device
WrongCommandException This excpetion is used when reponse doesn't match the command send