BlueLibs documentation

BlueLibs.Comm Namespace

BlueLibs is designed to support other OBEX interfaces alos. This namespace conatins definitions of all communication interfaces.

Namespace hierarchy


Class Description
DeviceInfo Base class that encapsulates information and details of the device.
DeviceScanner DeviceScanner is common name for device management and discovery classes. This class is base class for all type of devices
RemoteDevice The library is designed to support any type of device using OBEX communication protocols. This class is base for all devices used in development
ServiceInfo Class representing service exported by a device


Interface Description
ClientConnection all type of OBEX channels like Bluetooth, IrDa or socket must implement this interface. Current release of the library supports only Bluetooth connections
Connection Main connection interface
IScanner Base interface for the component that encapsulates scanning device capabilities. BT library scanners implements IBTScanner descendent interface.


Delegate Description
RemoteDevice.DevicePassword This method is called by RemoteDevice objects when the devices requires password authorization the method must return string password (PIN) as it was entered on the device