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OBEXHeaderType Enumeration

enumeration of obex headers currently supported by BlueLibs

[Visual Basic]
Public Enum OBEXHeaderType
public enum OBEXHeaderType


Member Name Description
OBEX_NAME obex name header
OBEX_LENGTH obex length header
OBEX_DESCRIPTION obex description header
OBEX_PALM_CREATOR_ID obex palm creatto id header
OBEX_BODY obex body header
OBEX_END_OF_BODY obex end of body header
OBEX_COUNT obex count header
OBEX_TYPE obex type header
OBEX_TIME_ISO obex time (ISO) header
OBEX_TIME obex time (integer) header
OBEX_TARGET obex target header
OBEX_HTTP obex http header
OBEX_WHO obex who header
OBEX_CONNECTION_ID obex connection id header
OBEX_APP_PARAMS obex application paramters header
OBEX_AUTH_CHALANGE obex authentication chalange header
OBEX_AUTH_RESPONSE obex authentication respone header
OBEX_OBJECT_CLASS obex object class header
BIP_IMG_DESCRIPTOR image description header
BIP_IMG_HANDLE image description handle


Namespace: BlueLibs.OBEX

Assembly: BlueLibs (in BlueLibs.dll)

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