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OBEXFtpClient Properties

The properties of the OBEXFtpClient class are listed below. For a complete list of OBEXFtpClient class members, see the OBEXFtpClient Members topic.

Public Static (Shared) Properties

DefaultPacketLen (inherited from OBEXClient) default size of obex packet

Public Instance Properties

CurDir Sets current directory
Note    OBEX FTP do NOT support unc urls, you have to specify here the name of the child directory of first hand. For example: a b c d if you are in a directory only possible values are b,c and d, you can not use a\b name for example
MaxOBEXPacketLen (inherited from OBEXClient) max size of obex packet used to communicate with the remote device
ReceiveTimout (inherited from OBEXClient) when using asynchronous communication with the device time out exception is thrown if there is no response for this time
SendTimout (inherited from OBEXClient) Transmit operation timeout
UseAsyncComm (inherited from OBEXClient) toggles asynchronous operation

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